Thanks for checking out my website. After 30 years of creating marketing materials for a wide range of clients I have found the exercise of creating content for this personal website much more difficult than I expected. Like a contestant being voted off some dodgy reality TV show I have to detail - 'My Journey'.

It all started in 1989 where I studied Fine Art in The Crawford Art College. Nine months later I discovered fine art just wasn't for me. I can't say why exactly, perhaps it wasn't my time. I got a job as a junior graphic designer in a screen-printing company (Graphique) and thanks to Noel the owner I studied at night to become qualified as a 'Graphic Designer' in the RTC (MTU now but it will always be the Regional tech to me). My only qualification to this day! The pencils and paint brushes were put away and I found my creative buzz in new media (well it was new when I started but it's just considered media these days). My long suffering and very understanding wife Mary and I started a design business in 1996 (Onevision) focusing on video production and animation for the past 25 years. Two beautiful little girls, Taylor and Libby entered our lives and priorities changed for a while. 

Then lockdown happened and while I had a bit more time on my hands the pencils and brushes started calling to me. Anyone who knows me would refer to me as a techy person or more correctly an utter utter geek. I bought an Apple iPad Pro and Apple Pencil and here I am. Digital Art and Illustration became the medium where my slanted type of creativity could be unleashed on the world or more correctly my social media friends.

So 30 years after leaving art college I sold my first piece of art a little while ago and it felt amazing! My style is firmly routed in nerd culture but focused on places I grew up in and experience in Cork City.

I hope you find something you like the look of like!